Product Overview

Adron Systems provides innovative technology for your aging mass spectrometer systems. Our line of replacement data systems are flexible, high-performance, cost-effective, and robust.

  • Flexible by design. Our Vx Acquisition™, EnviroLink™, and Vector/2™ data systems control a wide variety of mass spectrometers, chromatographs, and autosamplers. Create instrument configurations based on your laboratories needs and available equipment. Your instrument configurations are not limited by the original system vendor.
  • Versatile control of your instrument parameters including computer control of several chromatographs and autosamplers. Our tune and calibration routines provide fine-level control of your mass spectrometer's various elements.
  • High-performance in our data systems results from many factors including auto-ranging analog-to-digital converters (A2D), digital signal processor (DSP), fast scanning electronics, and new computer technology. Our data systems utilize multi-tasking for effective instrument control. (Performance factors are dependent on the type of mass spectrometer.)
  • Cost-effective. Our data systems are a cost-effective investment for your laboratory.  Replacing obsolete data systems brings new vigor to your mass spectrometer system.
  • Robust data system electronics; giving years of dependable service.
  • Dependable acquisition system software, providing unattended acquisition of data from autosamplers and purge-and-trap devices.

Adron Systems' primary product is the Vx Acquisition data system. This next-generation acquisition system targets ion trap and quadrupole mass spectrometers. Vx has a redesigned user interface for intuitive and effective control of your instruments. Vx is designed to take advantage of the latest Microsoft operating systems.

Teknivent and ProLab users, if you are looking for a data system upgrade to Microsoft Windows (including Windows XP), your wait is over. Upgrade your Vector/2™ or EnviroLink™ system to Vx Acquisition.

Vx Capture is a program for converting between GC/MS & LC/MS file formats. Vx Capture monitors data acquisition and automatically converts data files as they become available. Visit the Vx Capture product page for further details.

Vx Extract is a programmable solution for accessing your GC/MS & LC/MS data files. Easily extract spectra, ion chromatograms, and header information to CSV or other textual formats; all independent of the original MS source format.  Visit the Vx Extract product page for further details.

For information on the EnviroLink & Vector/2 line of data systems, visit the EnviroLink & Vector/2 product page.