Vx Extract

Vx Extract™ is the perfect way to customize processing of your GC/MS and LC/MS data. Extract ion chromatograms, spectra, and header information to comma separated value (CSV) or other textual formats; all independent of the original source.

Vx Extract is a software package for extracting information from mass spectrometry data files. Vx Extract is a set of routines that facilitate the building of data processing applications. Vx Extract provides an API (application programming interface) for accessing information from GC/MS and LC/MS data files.

Vx Capture™ is Adron Systems' GC/MS and LC/MS data conversion file package. In the conversion process, Vx Capture “reads” information from a vendor's data file and then “writes” this extracted information out to the desired target file format.

The data access (“read”) routines from Vx Capture are the basis for Vx Extract. Routines and classes from Vx Capture are made accessible through the Vx Extract software package. All file formats that Vx Capture can read are accessible from Vx Extract; with a consistent, standardized interface.

Vx Extract supported file formats:

  • Adron Systems Vector/2 and Vx (TKF)
  • Adron Systems Text File (ASC)
  • Agilent & HP ChemStation (.D)
  • AIA Andi NetCDF (CDF)
  • Finnigan Incos (MI,MX)
  • Finnigan Incos (TI,TX,CT)
  • Finnigan ITS40, Magnum and Tracker (MS)
  • Varian Workstation 2000/2100/2200/4000 (SMS)
  • Varian Workstation 1200 (XMS)
  • Varian Saturn I, II, and III (MS)

Need help “Getting Started” with Vx Extract? Start by reviewing the document Vx Extract™ - GC/MS and LC/MS Information Extraction. Get your own copy of Vx Extract by filling out the Vx Extract Request form.

The Ruby Language

Vx Extract is a software package (a “module” or a “library”) callable from the Ruby programming language. Ruby is a popular, modern scripting language with a syntax similar to the “C” programming language. As an interpreted, high-level language, Ruby facilitates the rapid development of applications.

Vx Extract contains several Ruby scripts that illustrate the use of Ruby and the Vx Extract programming library. Reviewing these sample scripts is an effective way to learn Ruby and Vx Extract programming. These sample scripts can be used as a foundation for your own programs.

Note: If your browser doesn't allow you to view the macros below, try saving them directly to your desktop or download the rbmacros.zip file and uncompress.

Script Description
rbmacros.zip All the sample macros below in a “compressed zip” file.
AdronText.rb Convert a data file to the Adron Text (ASC) format.
Channels.rb Extract monitor channel information.
ChromCalc.rb Ion chromatogram extraction using RPN logic.
ExtractDemo.rb “Getting started” demonstration program illustrating Ruby and Vx Extract usage.
FileInfo.rb Extract file (header) information.
Spectra.rb Extract one or more spectra from a GC/MS or LC/MS data file.
TimeFormats.rb Output all the time image formatting strings from the ASE::Time class.
ExtractLoad.rb Vx Extract library loader.

Ruby was designed to enhance programmer productivity and to be a pleasant, “fun” language to use. In this vein, we encourage you to experiment and play with Ruby and Vx Extract.

Ruby code can be developed in a simple text editor such as Windows' Notepad.  However, we recommend the use of a programmer's text editor, such as Komodo Edit from ActiveState.

Contribute to Vx Extract

Let us know about your experiences with Vx Extract. If you have suggestions about possible enhancements, want to share your experiences or scripts, feel free to contact Adron Systems.

Our eventual goal is provide a Vx Extract contribution page, with user supplied hints and scripts.