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Why Adron Systems?

Adron Systems for Data Conversion

There are many GC/MS & LC/MS data file formats. Count the number of instrumentation vendors, current formats, and historical formats, and you'll find dozens of incompatible forms for GC/MS & LC/MS data.

Adron Systems can help you with your data interchange challenges.

Sometimes that historical GC/MS & LC/MS data is important. Perhaps there is useful information that can be extracted from research done long ago. Adron Systems can help by converting that historical data into a form that is useful by today's processing packages.

Does your laboratory have preferred data reduction software but multi-vendor data?  Encourage your instrumentation vendors to work with Adron Systems for data conversion solutions.

Adron Systems for Instrumentation

Our Vx Acquisition™ data system is a remarkable piece of software. Why?  Because Vx works with instrumentation from many vendors. Vx also works with many versions of instruments from the same vendor.

Vx Acquisition was designed to be flexible in interfacing with instrumentation.

Take advantage of our domain expertise and experience for your instrumentation needs.

Adron Systems for Information Extraction

Our Vx Extract™ product is a software library designed to access information from GC/MS & LC/MS data files. Vx Extract does require some programming knowledge.

Adron Systems can help with your Ruby and Vx Extract programming needs. With our expertise and your specifications, we can form working solutions.