EnviroLink & Vector/2 Data Systems

Whether your needs require a flexible, reliable data system for complex research; or a simple system for routine production environments, Adron Systems has the mass spectrometer data system to meet your analytical and business challenges. We support a broad selection of mass spectrometers, chromatographs, and samplers.

Vx Acquisition

Teknivent and ProLab users, if you are looking for a data system upgrade to Windows 7® or Windows XP, your wait is over. Upgrade your Vector/2™ or EnviroLink™ system to Vx Acquisition.

“On Windows” Versions of EnviroLink & Vector/2

The “On Windows” versions of EnviroLink & Vector/2 run under a “virtual PC” on Windows 7 or Windows XP. The “On Windows” version provides these benefits:

  • Utilize the latest PC's with their huge harddrives and eye-friendly displays.
  • Backup to DVD±R, CD-R, tape, or network backup server.
  • Utilize the latest printers, locally or on the network.
  • Networking support. Acquire data at one station; process and review at another.
  • Utilize Agilent MSD ChemStation and other modern processing packages.

EnviroLink & Vector/2 Features

EnviroLink & Vector/2 are full featured data systems meeting the tasks associated with GC/MS and LC/MS data acquisition, processing and reporting. Our data systems simplify the analytical process, from sample introduction to final report, providing the tools you need to improve laboratory productivity and efficiency. Our features:

  • Integrated instrument control.
  • Flexible data acquisition modes.
  • Automation using methods and sequences.
  • Versatile data analysis modes.
  • Library search.

Integrated instrument control for a variety of mass spectrometers, chromatographs and samplers. Our software allows you to control, set, and monitor instrument parameters. Mass spectrometer tuning and calibration allows for fine level control of your system's elements.

Vector/2 only. Analog input channels may be installed to monitor additional signals, such as temperature, pressure, or UV signal. Instrument status parameters can also be monitored. These signals correlate in time with the mass spectral data for easy comparison of results.

Flexible data acquisition modes allow data to be acquired in scan or selected ion monitoring modes. Our versatile scan tables allow you to define multiple time segments and mass ranges for each time segment.

Automation using methods and sequences improves productivity. With EnviroLink & Vector/2, you create methods that define mass spectrometer, chromatograph, and autosampler acquisition parameters. Multiple methods can be defined to target specific samples.

Sequences automate the acquisition of data from multiple samples and are used in conjunction with autosamplers and purge-and-trap devices. Our data system allows for explicit naming of data files or names based on a flexible template architecture. Data processing of results may optionally be triggered as data files are generated.

EnviroLink only. Versatile data analysis modes are part of Agilent MSD ChemStation data processing. ChemStation includes these specific types of analyses:

Enhanced Routine and non-EPA environmental analyses
EnviroQuant Environmental analyses using EPA methods
Drug Analysis Drugs of abuse, doping, and forensics
Aromatics in Gasoline Reformulated gasoline analyses

Library search utilizing probability-based matching (PBM) are incorporated into EnviroLink (through MSD ChemStation) and as an option in Vector/2. A variety of mass spectral libraries are available for ChemStation including NIST and Wiley.  For Vector/2, only NIST 4.5 is available. Both systems allow creation of custom user libraries.

Commonality and Differences

EnviroLink & Vector/2 data systems share a common heritage.  Instrument control, instrument tuning and data acquisition are identical between these systems, aside from some instrument control parameters.

Data processing differentiates these systems. Vector/2 targets the researcher focused on:

  • Mass spectra including raw, un-integerized profile data.
  • Library searches.
  • Extraction of ion chromatograms and their manipulation.
  • Innovative instrument control.

Vector/2 has its own processing packages for accomplishing these and other tasks.

EnviroLink users rely on Agilent MSD ChemStation and EnviroQuant for data processing. Most new customers choose EnviroLink for their data system needs.

The EnviroLink & Vector/2 Systems

Quadrupole systems contain an “acquisition unit” that does most of the work controlling the quadrupole instrument. The unit contains at least two controller boards:

TEK-806 A microprocessor based controller responsible for I/O with the PC. It processes requests from the PC and buffers acquired data.
TEK-900 A DSP controller responsible for fine level control of the mass spectrometer. This board does the work of controlling the mass spectrometer elements, acquiring data, and pulling in status information.

HP mass spectrometers require the TEK-806 and TEK-900 boards. “Analog” quadrupole instruments that require a mass scan voltage (mass set) signal and/or an ion signal input, additionally require the TEK-803 board. Some quadrupole instruments may also require specialized boards that replace original system boards.  Examples include Finnigan Incos-50 and OWA mass spectrometers.

Iontrap systems utilize the instrument's existing microprocessor control (SAP) board.  Iontrap system upgrades are less expensive due to minimal hardware requirements.

All systems include:

  • Various operator manuals and installation instructions.
  • Cables as appropriate.
  • EnviroLink & Vector/2 software and license on CD.
  • Other software licenses dependent on your system.
  • Agilent MSD ChemStation for EnviroLink systems.
  • National Instrument's GPIB board.

Some additional options:

  • PC, preconfigured with EnviroLink or Vector/2 software.
  • Library such as NIST or Wiley 7.
  • Vector/2, NIST 4.5 library.