Vx Acquisition

Vx Acquisition™ is a replacement data system for your vintage GC/MS and LC/MS equipment.  Vx supports the latest Microsoft Windows operating systems, including the 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 7®.

Ion trap support for the Finnigan Magnum, Finnigan ITS40, Finnigan Tracker, plus the Varian Saturn series (I, II, 3 & 4). Limited by the Finnigan or Varian MS-DOS based data system? Move to the latest Windows' operating systems and improve your productivity! Process your data with the latest versions of Agilent MSD ChemStation or Varian WorkStation.

Has your Data General computer broken down again? Make your move and get off of the Incos data system. Vx Acquisition installs easily on your Finnigan Mat Incos 50/500/XL system. You get the advantages of Microsoft Windows and a choice of processing software.

Adron Systems can replace your HP Pascal, Unix, RTE or MS-DOS based data systems on vintage HP mass spectrometers. Vx Acquisition supports these HP quadrupoles: 5970, 5992, 5993, 5995, 5996, 5985, 5987, 5988, and the 5989 MS Engine. Upgrade and enhance your data processing with Agilent's newest MSD ChemStation.

Vx Acquisition provides downloadable control for Varian 3400 and HP5890A chromatographs, plus Leap Technologies CTC-A200S and HP5973 autosamplers.  Relay controlled devices, such as purge-and-traps, are also supported.

For a complete listing of supported instruments, refer to our instrument support page.

Vx Acquisition is the recommended upgrade for Teknivent and ProLab Vector/2™ and EnviroLink™ users.  Time to replace your OS/2 based system and move to Windows 7 or Windows XP.

Vx Advantages

Vx offers an intuitive user interface based on the “browser” metaphor; allowing easy access to instruments and features. Preview this interface by clicking the various screenshots on the right.

Vx is designed as an “acquisition system.”  With Vx, we've focused on acquiring data from the instrument, and targeting your processing package. Target file formats include:

  • Adron Systems Vx (TKF)
  • Adron Systems Text File (ASC)
  • Agilent ChemStation (.D\Data.MS)
  • Agilent ChemStation NetCDF (.D\Data.CDF)
  • AIA Andi NetCDF (CDF)
  • Finnigan Incos (MI,MX)
  • Finnigan ITS40, Magnum, and Tracker (MS)
  • Varian Workstation 2000 (SMS)
  • Varian Saturn I, II and III (MS)

Vx Features

  • Unified “browser” interface for quickly moving between tasks.
  • Targets user specified processing packages.
  • Extensible design allows for multiple instrument configurations.
  • Instrument sections for:
    • Method development and manual acquisition.
    • Sequence development for multi-sample and automated acquisition.
    • Tuning and calibration.
    • Feedback of instrument status.
    • Total and selected ion-chromatograms.
    • Mass spectral display during data acquisition.
    • Controlled shutdown of your ion trap mass spectrometer.
  • Includes an evaluation version of our GC/MS & LC/MS file conversion utility, Vx Capture™.
  • Vx supported operating systems:
    • Windows 7, 32-bit and 64-bit versions
    • Windows XP